Resources for local energy committees

Learn more about global warming and energy issues in NH.


Our Mission

The Local Energy Committee Working Group was formed by the Carbon Coalition Steering Committee following the 2007 Town Meetings.

The mission of the Local Energy Committee Working Group is to provide collaborative guidance and technical support to New Hampshire Local Energy Committees seeking to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions within their communities.

June 20, 2009 at the Grappone Center
Concord, NH

The Carbon Coalition Local Energy Committee Working group thanks all who were involved with the first annual LEC state-wide training and information sharing conference for energy reduction efforts at the local level. It was a great success.
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Resources for Local Energy Committees

"...And we ask our Selectmen to consider the appointment of a voluntary energy committee to recommend local steps to save energy and reduce emissions."
-Text from the New Hampshire Climate Change Resolution

"Local energy committees are a wonderful legacy of the Carbon Coalition …I know people up here are anxious to get going. In Ossipee, a town which didn't put the Resolution on the ballot, a student at the Community Technical College is doing an energy audit of the town hall and the selectmen are very excited about it."

-Local business owner in an e-mail exchange with Clean Air-Cool Planet

"Every town in New England should have an energy committee."
- US EPA Reg. Administrator Bob Varney at the NH BIA/OEP Energy Forum.


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