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How do environmental changes affect men’s health?

Today we hear more and more about environmental problems. Man has achieved great scientific success. But at the same time, he is increasingly changing the world around him. No one can say for sure what such interventions in the environment will lead to and what awaits us in the future. At the moment, scientists record negative consequences in the animal world. The biosphere of the planet does not have time to adapt to new conditions and has already lost a significant part of it. How do such environmental changes affect people?

Table of contents:

  1. How does a person affect the environment?
  2. What are the effects of global warming?
  3. Why is polluted air dangerous for men?
  4. How to avoid a disaster?

The fact that the climate is changing can be seen without even reading the relevant studies. Winters are getting shorter and summers are hotter and rainy. Around the world, the number of natural disasters is increasing, and many people, mainly the elderly, are suffering from rising temperatures.

How does a person affect the environment?

The climate on Earth has never been permanent. It evolved with the development of the planet. Periods of warming were replaced by cold spells and so on. According to the conclusions of eminent researchers, this is a cyclic process that depends on a huge number of factors. So why are people paying so much attention to this issue now? It's very simple. Changes in the environment bring changes in the life of each person, affecting primarily his health. An important feature of recent years has been the registration of abrupt changes that were unthinkable 40-50 years ago.

Another dangerous factor in people's lives is environmental pollution. Modern civilization produces a huge amount of various wastes that fill the air, oceans, and earth. Soon, big problems await us, and above all, these are problems with our health.

What are the effects of global warming?

Global warming brings not only changes in our habitats or natural disasters. Already today, many people have serious health complications due to high temperatures.

That's not all. Global warming can not only kill a sick person but also adversely affects the reproducibility of future generations. Scientists conducted a series of studies to determine the dependence of reproductive ability on increasing temperature. The results are deplorable. They showed that global warming negatively affects the production, life, and functioning of sperm. So, according to a group of scientists from the University of East Anglia led by Professor Matt Gage, climate change could pose a threat to male fertility. You can familiarize yourself with the study in detail by clicking on the link:

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Another study showed a decrease in sperm count in men over the past decade. At this time, scientists began to record sharp changes in ambient temperature. Experts from the University of Copenhagen found that sperm density in European men decreased by 54%. Learn more about study here:

Thus, we see a direct correlation between global warming and men's health.

Why is polluted air dangerous for men?

Environmental pollution is one of the main causes of health problems. We cannot isolate ourselves from the external environment, therefore we constantly interact and contact with it. Various chemical elements, toxic substances and small plastic enter the body every day. They act on our body, gradually poisoning it. The body independently gets rid of the most harmful impurities, but some remain and accumulate in the body, continuing to poison it. The reproductive system of men is particularly vulnerable to such effects. Over time, it ceases to function fully. A man has problems with erectile dysfunction.

These are not just words, but the conclusions of various studies. A group of scientists from several universities (the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, etc.) researched the impact of air pollution on the sexual performance of men. The results showed that the dirtier the air, the weaker these indicators are. Men gradually lose their fertility. They have reduced libido and there is a problem with potency. You can find the whole study here:

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How to avoid a disaster?

Environmental issues do not pass us by. They negatively affect people's health, especially men, reducing their libido, fertility and other sexual indicators. All this directly affects the reproducibility of the population. If we want to survive and leave behind a healthy generation, then we must now make adjustments to our life. What must we do to save the earth and ourselves?

  • It is necessary to introduce environmental technologies
  • We must use energy-saving equipment
  • Waste must be recycled
  • Emissions should be reduced
  • It will be prudent to make rational use of available resources
  • Global environmental change must not be allowed to get out of control. Observing these difficult rules, we will be able to save our home planet for future generations!