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Greenhouse Gas Registry

Why create a registry - or why participate in one? Greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories are becoming more important pieces of strong  corporate reporting.  Top-notch corporate environmental reports increasingly include climate impacts. A GHG inventory is a required element of the overall reporting protocol of The Global Reporting Initiative.  And a group of major institutional investors, has launched the Carbon Disclosure Project to help investors see the significant long-term “climate risk” associated with companies’ GHG impacts.

Good news
In 1999 the New Hampshire Legislature enacted RSA Chapter 125-L, the Voluntary Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions Registry.

The statute reads simply: "In order to help protect the interests of New Hampshire sources and the state's economy under a future federal regulatory scheme relating to greenhouse gas emissions, and to help encourage the voluntary reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by New Hampshire sources, the department shall establish and administer a registry whereby sources of greenhouse gas emissions may record and register early, voluntary greenhouse gas emissions reductions made after 1990. The purpose of this registry shall be to help sources establish a baseline against which any future federal greenhouse gas emissions reduction requirements may apply."

Areas of Concern
Participation has been minimal in NH.  To date, only Stonyfield Farm and the Forest Society have registered.