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Global Warming in New Hampshire:
Winter Tourism and Recreation

Clean Air - Cool Planet recently commissioned, on behalf of the Carbon Coalition, a report on the impacts of climate change on winter recreation in New Hampshire.  We retained the expertise of Cameron Wake, Ph. D., a climatologist, and Elizabeth Burakowski, a master candidate, from the Climate Change Research Center and UNH, and Laurence Goss, Ph. D., a professor in the Department of Geography at Salem State College and adjunct professor for tourism research at the Institute for New Hampshire Studies at Plymouth State University.

The intent of the report – the first to employ the perspectives of a climatologist and an geographer researching economic impacts – was to look at climate change that has occurred in the region, and correlate that data with economic information on Alpine and Nordic skiing, ice fishing and snowmobiling.  The results offer a picture of how changes in climate have already affected revenue, resources, and the travel and tourism industry in the state.

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